We are really pleased to be able to launch our blog on the first day of Road Safety Week, which runs from 23-29 November. It might not seem immediately obvious why the National Operational Guidance Programme might be interested in this, but there are lots of connections for us.

We published our Performing rescues guidance in April this year. Our guidance looks at searching for casualties, extricating them and casualty care. Our programme isn’t just about fire, but includes the very important work that fire and rescue services do to respond to road traffic collisions.

When responding to an incident, the highest priority for us is to the safety of the public involved and the fire and rescue service responders attending. Our guidance, informed by the very latest best practice, is helping those first responders to be effective and informed so that they can reduce the hazards they face and protect their own safety and that of the public.

Today we told our Twitter followers all about the excellent work of the Brake Charity – they co-ordinate the campaign and have been doing this for the past 17 years. They work closely with the very well known and long standing government road safety campaign, THINK!

We will be tweeting throughout the week to remind people about our guidance and how it helps the fire and rescue service. We’ll be using #drivelesslivemore.

Brake deputy chief executive Julie Townsend said of this year’s theme, “drive less, live more”:

“We’re doing this because we have become increasingly conscious that road safety is not only about people driving as safely as they can, using the Green Cross Code, and otherwise obeying the law and Highway Code, crucial though these things are. Road safety is about getting around in a way that causes no harm to yourself and others and the planet we depend on. A big part of that is driving less.”

That sounds good to us.

For more information on this week’s campaign visit:

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